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A modern house, business center, hotel, or the plant premises are packed with different kinds of equipment. And, if wire low current utility systems in the building have a long life and are almost never changed during their operation, the equipment must, as a rule, be updated as far as it becomes obsolete due to its wear, or during transition to a new technology platform in business. With the equipment replacement home and office get a new level of comfort, an enterprise – a new level of business development and extra profit.

The majority of equipment has a certain service life which, as a rule, makes from five to seven years. During this period technology becomes obsolete and you need a planned purchase of new equipment, especially in the domestic segment. But all this refers to good equipment of well-known trade marks, and the market is often filled with cheap and low-quality equipment at a low price, which, however, during operation breaks down continuously or does not fulfill its functions, that requires additional expenditures at the following stages.

For more than 10 years of its work the Premier Company has entered into direct contracts with well-known world manufacturers of equipment for low current systems, active networking equipment and server hardware, equipment for access control systems and video surveillance, hotel solutions, etc. We deliver equipment produced in the USA and EU.

We give preference to the American and European producers to guarantee our customers quality, advanced technologies, compliance with the international standards, and long-time flawless operation for the whole life cycle of this equipment. Despite the higher initial equipment cost, in comparison to the Chinese analogues, the total cost of ownership with consideration for repairs and replacements turns lower than during purchase and operation of cheap Asian equipment. We do not even consider the possibilities of business idleness or lost profit.


All the delivered equipment is certified and has international certificates, as well as Ukrainian certificates where necessary.

Our specialists were trained to perform accurate installation of the equipment on the facilities, they continuously enhance their qualification.

We are ready to provide further training of the customer’s personnel on the rules of the equipment operation. We will provide both service backup during the warranty period, and post-warranty maintenance.

Premier LLC has its own logistics system to provide fast delivery of equipment from a manufacturer to a customer, both from abroad by order in advance, and from the local warehouse of our company, all over the territory of Ukraine. Shipments of equipment both in Europe and the CIS countries are possible.


And what is more important – we provide reasonable prices for the whole range of the goods delivered. In case of orders under a certain project we offer special discounts, giving them directly from a manufacturer. For resellers – market colleagues – we provide special partner terms and conditions.

• Long-term working experience of engineers and trade specialists of our Company allows them to know characteristics and the quality of equipment in the modern market. You set the task and we will choose you several options to suit any budget. The quality - from better to the best!

• We are direct partners of foreign manufacturers, and it allows us to deliver equipment to the facility in due time, avoiding intermediaries, providing reasonable cost. Our own logistics provides the lowest prices and the shortest delivery time.

• With timely and complete delivery of equipment we guarantee its functionality and maintenance on the territory of Ukraine.

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