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Low current systems, i.e. systems operating on low electrical voltage, non-dangerous for a human life, are at present one of the key systems of residential buildings, offices, commercial and industrial premises.

What are low current systems today? Mainly they include:

  • Telephone network
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Security and alarm systems
  • Video surveillance and video registration systems
  • Access control systems
  • Voice alarm, dispatch systems
  • Structured cable networks

Low current systems and complexes provide almost all information and control flows inside a building. They make the basis for all workflows and business processes today. They make operation of computer networks, internet, voice communications, building control, workflow automation systems, security and video surveillance system impossible. Even ventilation, heating, plumbing and sewerage systems today operate using functionality of these systems.
Efficiency and reliability of functioning of low current systems themselves and other engineering infrastructure of buildings based on application of low current systems depend on a correct reference design and high-quality installation. It is at the stage of a low current system design and installation that the qualification of design engineers, and afterwards of installation personnel as well, becomes a deciding factor in receiving a high-quality product.

High standard mechanical works on laying cable utilities systems and installation of low current systems equipment are the most important component for a long life of the project as a whole. In most cases cable routes are laid into the structure of a building at the stage of its construction or reconstruction and must serve for the whole term of this building or till the major repairs. Cables or communications lines are, as a rule, bricked up in a wall and their re-laying during operation is practically or generally impossible. Therefore well executed mechanical works at the stage of construction/reconstruction are extremely important.

Primier LLC, through its specialists, delivers a complete portfolio of integrated engineering and designing services concerning low current systems of any complexity (in residential houses, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, cinemas, etc.).

Our specialists have sufficient experience for installation of low current systems of any degree of complexity and practically on any facilities. Having more than ten years of our company existence, we have learned to re-lay precisely a cable in residential buildings and business centers without damaging the interior and hindering workflows. We have a significant experience of working on industrial facilities, of various business nature. We are called when they require our unique engineering approach and high work execution speed.

Benefits of cooperation with the Premier LLC:

High qualification of an engineering department of the company confirmed by dozens of specialized certificates.

• A possibility of ordering only project documentation, for its further implementation using a customer’s own resources.

Great gathered experienceof designed and constructed facilities (about one thousand of deployed low current systems on several hundreds of facilities), which allows to use extensive baggage of «know-how» helping to significantly save a customer’s funds.

Individual approach to every facility of a customer, from the stage of design until the stage of warranty support of a completed low current system.

Our specialists execute all the works on installation with precise accuracy,in a strict compliance with the project and maximum customers’ requirements. We know who calls the tune!

Implementation of turn-key installation-setup works and a warranty not only on equipment, but on the works performed. An integrated 25 year warranty for a certified system!

Our company provides integrated services on installation and setup of low current systems, starting from a project design and finishing with lifetime maintenance. In our work we use a creative engineering approach to selection of equipment, we use innovative technologies and methods, our own professional equipment and tools.

We install the equipment, observing all requirements of manufacturers and modern world techniques on low current systems installation. You can order certification of your own low current system and be sure that it complies not only with Ukrainian regulations and standards, but also with European Standards EN 50174 and ISO/IEC 11801:2010.

You must remember that a skillfully completed low current system will not only release you of maintenance problems for many years and will accordingly require additional expenses, but will also raise total capitalization of your company!

You can get more information on the terms of cooperation by telephone.

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