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Building Management System (BMS)

The automatic control and safety system (ASUZ) or Building Management System (BMS) was developed for automation of operations and various processes implemented in modern buildings and constructions. BMS is the basis for construction of the so-called smart buildings or a smart home. Its use during the service allows us to significantly increase the ratio of return on investment (ROI)at the expense of saving of power resources and payment for highly qualified labor

bmsThree main tasks that BMS solves:improving safety, enhancing comfort and ensuring resources consumption efficiency. Developing an automated complex you:

• mitigate the human factor at the expense of processes automation and minimization of the well-paid engineering staff;

• exclude improper use of resources (water, heat, electricity supply);

• get a possibility of reacting as quick as possible to the emergency failures in the operation of utility systems, where failure to react can entail the risk to a human life, property damage, and global scale accidents.

Buildings automation means interconnection of local utility systems into a single managed system with one or several operations control centers.

Other benefits from BMS implementation:

  • significant cost reduction for energy sources;
  • increase in performance of all utility systems, as their modes of operation are improved as the result of BMS implementation;
  • increase in return on investments at the expense of improper use of resources and people labour;
  • increase of the term of operation of all systems at the expense of their effective use;
  • convenience of service of utility systems at the expense of automatic control and a possibility of remote management;
  • we minimize personnel costs (there is no need to have a big number of highly-paid qualified professionals).

Premier LLC offers development and implementation of a BMS system and an automatic control and safety system for the building, automation of the systems of control for utility systems servicing private houses and office buildings, public institutions, hotels, shopping premises, warehouses, and other facilities.

The list of building control automation services includes:

• the project design department of the Company carries out development of project solutions on automatic building control based on the equipment of the leading world manufacturers – Siemens and Honeywell.
• At the stage of the project development we select the best design and solutions, which are unique for each facility, taking into consideration the features of our customers’ business. In our work we use special software calculation complexes produced by manufacturers, which allow to select necessary equipment with maximum performance, and to implement various system solutions.

• On the basis of direct partner contracts we deliver all the equipment and necessary components directly from production plants, which guarantees saving of invested funds at the expense of direct delivery.
• The engineering and technical department of the Premier Company takes regular training in training centers of producers and possesses necessary knowledge and skills on implementation of a BMS system in Ukraine.

The specialists of the Premier Company possess high level of skills to organize automatic control of the most complex buildings, utility systems and processes. We will develop a unique project taking into consideration all peculiarities of your building and implement it in no time.
Building Management Systems developed by our specialists operate so efficiently that they will cover all invested resources rather quickly.


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