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Implementation of internal ATS improves the quality of service of small hotels, increases performance within the limits of an office building. Our engineers will help to select necessary equipment and develop a low budget and efficient option for your business installing analog or hybrid telephony. The specialists of the Premier-HS company offer reasonable solutions to provide your customers and employees with high-quality communication on the basis of series-produced telephone systems Panasonic, Siemens, NEG, LG-Nortel. To provide smooth operation our professionals will control the telephony installation at all stages: design, mounting, subsequent maintenance.

Analog and hybrid telephony structures re relevant for facilities of small and medium business. Using knowledge and long-term experience, our employees set up quality internal communication for the specified number of subscribers and implement a set of additional functions tailored to a customer’s needs.


Installation of digital telephony based on IP platforms is a profit making solution, which will increase profitability of investment and reduce maintenance costs. Digital IP-telephony has such advantages:

  • high quality of communication;
  • affordability and quick installation due to use of IP networks;
  • low tariff cost;
  • wide functional opportunities of communication;
  • ​ security and confidentiality of connection.

For its customers the Premier Company performs engineering and installation of IP-telephony based on platforms produced by world-famous manufacturers – Mitel and Siemens. Integration of a CRM system allows to significantly improve interaction with a customer base and increase personnel performance, which is particularly important for large hotels. CRM base will keep the data on outgoing and incoming calls with the telephone number, exact time and length of conversation. It will give the hotel owner a possibility to control a workflow and expand a database of his customers.

At any stage of the premises construction and operation, digital communication based on IP platforms is designed and installed to provide a successful solution of the following tasks:

  •  Provision of flexible and scalable communication for any quantity of subscribers;
  •  Activation of additional features by expansion of program functions;
  • Connection to other utility hotel systems with the purpose of complete automation and creation of a single information environment;
  • Increase of personnel performance and visitors’ comfort at the expense of additional functions;
  • Provision of access to services of local, long-distance and international communication for a hotel guests and personnel;
  • Control of traffic within the limits of a network and on access to external communication systems;
  • Reduction of costs for communication and information exchange services.

+38 (044) 585-05-20


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