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Rapid growth of technologies and information progress makes even hotels change. We, being professionals of the hotel business, help it to become ever more comfortable and simpler for guests.

Modern international hotel networks have long been working over the design of common standards and regulations tailored for hotels which will take into consideration all their aspects. These norms will be somewhat differ from common standards for offices and trade. That’s exactly why creating new systems for hotels, the engineers of the Premier Company used solely standards and norms designed for hotel networks.

To make staying in hotels as simple and comfortable as possible for visitors, our engineers offer to install a structured cable system (SCS) and a local area network (LAN). One of the main tasks of these systems is to create a single unified information network in the whole hotel which in addition to the hotel itself will cover all restaurants, bars, leased premises (stores, boutiques), offices and will make the process of data transfer within this network as simple as possible. In addition, the system must provide proper and accurate operation of all vital software and applications of the hotel.

And if we apply the above mentioned international standards (EIA/TIA, ISO/IEC, CENELEC EN) to this system, it will not only significantly increase the service life of all systems (a warranty period of more than 10 years) but will also significantly reduce the total cost during the whole period of the service life.


The Premier Company collaborates with the best manufacturers of network and service equipment in the world (R&M, Switzerland, Siemon, AMP, Panduit, the USA) and in Ukraine as well (ОК-NET). Contracts in force which confirm the partnership status of the IBM, HP, Cisco (the USA) companies is the evidence to it. Our specialists are among those few in the country who have certificates for installation of equipment of these manufacturers. Due to it we can create various SCS and LAN systems both by category, and by the degree of complexity.


Certified engineers who completed trainings not only in the territory of our country but also outside its borders are able to create best modern SCS and LAN. Our specialists are high-level professionals who constantly have their finger on the pulse of innovations in this segment. They continually refine their skills at various trainings and seminars, which guarantees you a possibility of installation of the newest equipment and creation of the first-class SCS system.

Vast experience in this area and knowledge acquired by our engineers during years of their work allow our company to create the systems which are one of a kind and which are not only cost effective, but are designed with consideration for all features and aspects, including the economic system of Ukraine.

+38 (044) 585-05-20


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