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The main purpose of the Access Control System (ACS) is to control entrance to and exit from the facility, as well as manage and control the flows of visitors and personnel. The access control system is one of the key safety technologies applied on the business facilities which include: hotels, business centers, offices, and production premises, stadiums, airports, shopping and recreation centers, etc.

The access control system allows to clearly distinguish public areas, service areas, as well as provide high level of safety to the strategically important facilities such as power supply units, nuclear power plants, waterworks systems.


Depending on the category and type of the facility, ACS can provide the following functions:

  • Creation of groups and zones with various security policies.
  • Management of personnel working hours.
  • Registration and control of guests and personnel in the territory of controlled facilities.
  • Evacuation management or blocking of the building in case of emergency situation or accidents.
  • Automatic operation to reduce the influence of a human element.


Installation of ACS on the facility contributes to a significant cost saving on keeping a security staff, as well as automates the operation of this staff. Modern software-hardware access control systems allow to build complex algorithms and scripts of counteraction to unauthorized access or detention of violators on secure facilities in an automatic mode.

ACS can make a basis to develop integrated security complexes of the facility: security alarm, fire safety, video surveillance and automation systems. One can control such complexes through remote access with the use of modern data transmission, mobile communication systems, etc. The intuitively user-friendly interfaces allow a guest or personnel to easily complete an identification in the system, and the safety personnel and the owner – to manage such a system in a quick and efficient way.

The access control systems are sophisticated hardware-software complexes consisting of numerous devices and software modules. Architecture of such systems requires high qualification of engineers knowledgeable in the principles of construction of the automation systems with artificial intelligence. In its turn, installation of such sophisticated engineering complexes requires high qualification of installation staff and troubleshooters.

Specialists of the Premier LLC can take on all the enumerated types of operations. Qualified design engineers will make an individual design concept with consideration for all features of the facility.

The list of services delivered by the Premier Company specialists also includes:

• selection of proper equipment;

• installation of the system, its setup, software installation;/p>

• putting the system into operation;

• maintenance of the system.

Efficient operation of ACS installed by our employees will cover expense for its purchase in no time!

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