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Any engineering networks, low current systems, complex equipment sooner or later will require maintenance service. As a rule, a manufacturing company sets a period of maintenance for its equipment and therefore long and efficient operation of this or that complex or system depends on whether this period is followed or not.

servisMaintenance service of low current systems implies:

• periodic preventive inspections to detect the ability of a system for effective functioning, including monitoring of integrity of cable networks;

• any mechanical troubleshooting;

• replacement of outdated or broken elements of a system;

• providing advisory aid to the employees of the serviced facility in relation to the system operation issues;

•modernization or expansion of an outdated system.


The structure of the Premier LLC includes a special service department delivering warranty services and post warranty maintenance services. Engineers of class “А” having a work experience over 10 years and specialized technical education work in the department. The department is completed with modern equipment, high-precision measuring instruments, tools necessary for quick diagnostics, repairs, and setup of utility low current systems and equipment. We have developed a special methodology and technology maintenance maps for various categories of facilities which allow to effectively support low current systems and customer equipment in operational condition.

Other advantages of service from the Premier Company include:

• provision of maintenance services in Ukraine in accordance with the world standards;

• use of digital technologies for a system control which provide remote monitoring and automation of numerous processes;

• an immediate on-site visit in case of a need, any day and any time – 24 /7/365;

• periodical advanced training of our employees at specialized training courses, etc., contributes to their timely familiarization with up-to-date technologies and new equipment for low current systems, allowing to effectively fulfill obligations entrusted to them.

The service department accepts requests for maintenance of any utility systems on various facilities, including: television, automation systems, fire protection systems and security complexes, access control systems, video surveillance systems, computer and telephone systems, audio complexes, electric equipment. We have developed special plans (basic, standard and VIP) which are able to satisfy any customers’ requirements concerning the approach and cost. Upon signing a contract on maintenance service we will not only correct errors that appeared during operation, but will also provide the future life of all your low current systems though correct maintenance and duly made modernization.

You must remember that timely regular preventive care of a system will prevent its unforeseen breakdown and will cost significantly cheaper than its repairs!

+38 (044) 585-05-20


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