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Automatic fire protection system is a complex of technical means intended for control of different utility systems of the building in case of fire. Modern means of automatic fire protection will quickly and efficiently switch off ventilation, shut off air supply in the fire outbreak zone, ensure safety of people and equipment by blocking valves and doors. All the stages will take place with minimum human participation.

pojar1Smart automatic fire protection equipment is capable of:

• eliminating a human element in critical processes management, reducing risk for a human life, saving property of an owner in no time;

• efficiently organizing and providing escape routes for evacuation of people from the building in case of fire or alarm;

• quickly de-energizing and deactivating all the necessary processes and equipment in the building that can suffer from fire;

• ensuring maximum safety to people present in the fire outbreak zone.


Modern fire safety systems apply the latest achievements in the area of automatics. While ensuring fire safety, such systems contribute to a significant cost saving for its operation, because smoothly functioning system does not require a large number of maintenance staff.

High performance of automatic fire protection equipment is provided through a smart project and professional installation and adjustment, far from everybody can do it. Qualified specialists of the Premier Company offer their services on design of a fire safety complex and its successful putting into operation.

The employees of the Company possess necessary knowledge and skills on up-to-date technologies and equipment for automatic fire protection systems. Their experience registers design and installation of fire-extinguishing systems on civilian and industrial facilities, including in the premises with increased risk of fire break-out.

The specialists of the Premier LLC provide the following services on fire-protection automation of the facility:

  • design of a system project in compliance with the norms on Fire Safety and development of detailed design;
  •  selection of equipment for the system equipping;
  • installation of all components and their connection into a unified system;
  • the system setup, programming, testing, and start-up;
  • follow-up service including preventive maintenance and repairs of associated systems, as well as update of the software controlling operation of the system;
  • modernization of existing fire safety systems.

The fire protection and automation system is the best way to ensure safety of people in the building and protection of material values.

+38 (044) 585-05-20


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