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Automatic fire-extinguishing system

Fire is one of the greatest dangers which can threaten any item of real estate, carries danger to human life and property. It is not enough to detect fire, it is important to extinguish it in due time.

Automatic fire-extinguishing system is the best solution contributing to timely containment of the fire hazard and prevention of extensive damage from fire. Properly designed and implemented automatic fire-extinguishing system is capable to provide maximum safety to people in the premises and protect material values. The state standards regulate installation of fire-extinguishing systems depending on the category of the facility: server rooms, covered car parkings (parkings), populated public buildings (shopping and recreation centers, cinemas, hotels, business centers, airports), industrial buildings, etc.

pojarFire-extinguishing systems by their control strategy are divided into manual (operated by an operator) and most effective – fully automatic fire-extinguishing systems.

By the type of the fire-fighting agent they are divided into:

  • dry chemical;
  • gaseous;
  • foam;
  • water (sprinkler systems performing pressurized water spray are especially effective);
  • aerosol;
  • combined.

The fire-extinguishing system is chosen depending on the category and features of the facility, its equipment, to ensure maximum safety of people and protect property of the owner.


Premier LLC provides services on engineering and installation of fire-extinguishing systems on the facilities of various degree of complexity and purpose. Qualified specialists of the Company carry out development of project documentation for fire-extinguishing systems in compliance with regulatory documents. We will select an option which will suit the conditions of the facility and the Customer’s requirements in the best way.

After development of project documentation employees of the Company will:

  •  select fitting elements and necessary equipment;
  •  perform installation of the system and its connection to working utility communications;
  • perform the cycle of start-up, testing and commissioning works.

The Premier Company can also take on a duty on further maintenance of the fire- extinguishing system (both warranty and post-warranty service) consisting in preventive inspections and troubleshooting in the system operation.


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