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wifiInstallation of wireless networks improves business performance and moves it to a new, modern level. Availability of a wireless internet Wi-Fi network provides the following benefits:

  • ​ Comfort of work and entertainment by means of the Internet. You can get connected to the network in any point of the perimeter covered by a wireless network with any stationary or mobile device equipped by a Wi-Fi interface.
  •   Flexible configuration. It is convenient if you rearrange the furniture in the office, or move out/in.
  • Open access to clients and employees. An ideal solution for small offices, temporary networks for some events, hotels, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Image. The company’s rating rises in the eyes of the clients in case they have access to high speed Wi-Fi.


Premier Company professionals — customize Wi-Fi network within a short time, providing customers with quality and faultless connection to the Internet. Installation of wireless networks does not require a cable nor damages external finish of premises. It can be installed without obstacles at any stage of the premises construction and operation. To install Wi-Fi in a small office and or a mini hotel it will be sufficient to install an access point and to configure a security system for connection. For a large office facility or a standard hotel you may need several access points, as well as a network control and safety system. With the help of this system an access level will be set for different user groups.

HSIA is a service for a high speed Internet access

Availability of a high speed wireless Internet for guests significantly increases the rating of an establishment. We offer our clients a simple and convenient network access which is based on the Ethernet, Wi-Fi, TV equipment – HSIA. The system of HSIA communication provides the following advantages:

  • Ease of the Internet access. Everything you need is to provide the room number and the surname or the special code of access from the reception.
  • Zoning of tariffs. A client selects a tariff with a corresponding data transfer speed individually.
  • Brand loyalty. A welcome page can be made in a company’s/hotel’s corporate style.
  • Safety. The information is transferred by encoded channels.
  • No settings for a user.
  • Integration in a functioning hotel management system.
  • Rapid return on investment and investment protection at the expense of a possibility of the capacities scaling.
  • Minimization of personnel costs (automatic setting for guests and technical support)

Installation of an HSIA service is executed by our specialists with consideration for the advanced developments of the well-known communication companies HP, Cisco, Nomadix, and OTRUM. Due to a possibility of functioning of the service on the basis of the Ethernet equipment, Wi-Fi, and TV we can significantly minimize costs for installation of HSIA for your business.

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